MLM from the Trenches: A Home Business Success

Location: California, United States

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sometimes...the life you save is your own...

Figuratively AND literally. This business, this industry is not about the amount of money you can make. If your only goal is to "make money", get a job. There are tons of them out there, and if you are not qualified, there are paid and free versions of getting the education necessary to get that "job".

This industry is about so much more than just getting money to make ends meet, or making money so that you can have the extra toys. These are nice - don't get me wrong. But, no, this industry is about you. If you really, truly get involved in this arena, not just financially, not just in time, but with your emotion - your heart, the rewards are tremendous. You never know whose life you may touch. This evening I talked to a young lady who was experiencing a string of challenges, and feeling overwhelmed and alone - and by being in the right time, and in the right frame of mind (this business will open you up to that - if you let it), you have the opportunity to give of yourself so that both of you walk away richer. I know we both did in this instance.

Before you can give of yourself, you must give to yourself, and this industry will either compel, force, or inspire you to grow you, in order to attain the level of success that you first hope for, and then, subsequent levels that you confidently strive for, as your belief grows. In the end - the life you save in the process is your own.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Saga Continues!

Before we proceed any further, I want to make understood that I am not sharing this because I desire to discredit those who were a part of my life, or to complain. On the contrary, the purpose is to share with you some of my background so that you can understand that the "success" which you see so many people embody up on a stage, or over the phone, did not fall into the lap. It is not like we woke up one morning, and we had cheques coming every day, or an active organization, or whatever you are looking for in participating in this journey. We come from different backgrounds, have had to make sacrifices, and have each paid our dues to get where we are today. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY, EVERY SORROWFUL AND HAPPY MOMENT!

The last day that I remember being under the same roof as my ex was on a Friday (12/12/04), the last day of school before Christmas break, and we picked up my niece from kindergarten, and picked up Happy Meals (good Lord, yuck) for the kids - this is what the grand poobah wanted. My poor little niece got in trouble at school on the last day, and as a result, when we got home, the grand poobah first yelled at her, force fed her some nasty cereal (instead of the Happy Meal), and then told her that she was not able to participate in the Christmas tree decorating activities of that day. I don't know about you all, but that is extreme - under no circumstance should one deny a child the opportunity to partake in the holiday festivities. I voiced this to my ex, and he said it was her mom's decision, and that was that. It fell upon my shoulders to direct the Christmas tree decorating activities (because the grand poobah can't be bothered to do things with her own children), so I got to watch and feel firsthand the sadness this child exuded. Later that afternoon I left that house, and have only been back a total of 4 times in the last two years. The children always tell me "Why did you leave? We miss you." I tell them they need to ask their mom and my ex that question.

There are people in your life that you are truly grateful for, and my family would be included in that group. I left my ex behind, took my children, and moved in with my parents (where I am to this day...on the edge of moving out on my own...I finally figured out WHERE I want to move to...Agape, here I COME!!!). I was in no emotional condition to move out and into a place on my own when I left my ex. I was manic depressive. I was about as negative as one can get - and for those who know me - can you IMAGINE? I cried myself to sleep. I felt this huge void - a vast emptiness that was echoing only pain and betrayal when I called into it.

I had to figure a way to overcome this feeling, this sense of despair for my little babies. I had risked a lot in the attempt to get them away from a negative environment, I could not chance losing them now, because of my state of mind. To help keep my mind occupied I searched for a way to make money from home, and I added several more attempts to my list - many of which you would be extremely familiar with - before I settled on and IN the one I am with now, which I have been for the last 2 1/2 years (since 04/20/05). The join date is a personal crucial turning point in my life. I have looked back many times, but not in regret, but rather in gratitude, and to help me to learn more and become a better servant to my team. YOU know who you are - and thank you for each individual, beautiful, amazing, soul that this phenomenal tapestry is comprised of.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let's rewind the clock!

Do you ever look at someone and wish that you could have what they have? Do you wish you could have the nice house, or the nice car, or the time freedom, or the wonderful relationship with the family? How many times have you looked on at someone else's "perfect" life and felt that it just wasn't fair that you couldn't have that too?

Let's rewind my clock about three years...

The first memory that arises is that I was in a marriage that was failing fast. I was caught up in a nasty child abuse claim, because of the place I was living in, and when I begged, pleaded, and went hysterical on my (now ex-) husband, he told me "No one cares about your problems." It wasn't just my problem - the whole house was under watch because of this child abuse report filed by my sister-in-law (yes, my husband's own sister) against the sister-in-law we were living with - and for good reason. And because we were living there - we were guilty by association. Now the question that may come into your mind is WHY were we living there - and moreover - what does this have to do with this story? The answer would be: EVERYTHING! We were still living with my sister-in-law because my ex-husband did not want to commute, which he would have had to do if he were to get a job outside of working for her; we were also living there because we were neck-deep in debt, living off of my good credit - which had long since gone way south. I told my ex that I was leaving and taking our girls with us. He told me "You can leave anytime, but the girls stay." What he did not seem to understand was that it was for the sake of the girls that I wanted to get the heck out of dodge in the first place. And get out I did...and it got worse...before it got better...

Friday, September 15, 2006

A typical day, in a trend-setting work environment!

A suburb in the sprawling, congested city of Los Angeles, California.

The sunlight breaks through the window, I get up leisurely, wander outside, and watch the flow of traffic a block away. I go back inside, go into the bedroom, and watch my 3 and 5 year-old girls sleeping peacefully. I stand there absorbed in the peace and quiet of the morning.

The ringing cell phone breaks the silence and I leave the room quickly and walk down the hall to the office, so as not to wake the girls. The conversation is brief, a simple request for some information emailed to the caller…and a typical workday in a not so typical environment has begun. I turn on the computer, check the day’s schedule, and send the requested email. As the world is teeming outside, and people hurry to and fro, get frustrated by a typical workday rush hour commute, my work has started in a stress free, quiet environment where I don’t have to worry about the rising cost of gas, trying to get my kids to school or daycare, or even getting out of my pjs. I am part of a growing trend of home-makers turned home-based business owners. And what a life this is!

I am deeply engrossed in a phone conversation with one of my new members when I feel a small hand on my back. With the phone still in hand, I turn around and see the sleepy face of my 3-year old Victoria. She usually is the one who gets up first. As I continue my conversation she gets up on my lap and leans her head on my shoulders. The best of both worlds - the ability to work and earn an income, while not sacrificing time with my children. In short order, Aurora, the 5-year old peeks around the door frame with an impish look on her face. Victoria bounds off my lap and takes off after Aurora, as I finish up my telephone conversation.

In no time at all we are chasing each other around the house...I love hearing my little girls innocent and pure. After everyone is breathless we are ready to sit down to breakfast, and right after we are going to spend a few minutes doing some writing, reading and math. No pressure, no rush...just easy step with what the little ones are ready for, and tailoring to their interests. Both of them love math...Aurora can already write fairly well, and no longer needs to use the lined handwriting paper. She can read and spell several words on her own. I am so proud of my little princesses. After about 45 minutes I can feel that Aurora is starting to get distracted, and I cut the lesson short and let the girls go play. I aknowledge each of them for their good work, and go back to the office and resume with work. The best of all worlds...